VT Gruppen AS acquires Mathisen Renovasjon AS

MECE Invest AS, which owns the transport companies Veitransport AS and Veikran AS, has acquired 100% of the shares in Mathisen Renovasjon AS. The acquisition strengthens the Veitransport Group’s position within refuse collection and waste management.

“We are happy to become part of a larger group,” says Kjell Arne Mathisen, former Chairman of the Board of Mathisen Renovasjon. “This will ensure the company’s future in a time in which I have considered reducing my working hours, while my son Lars Erik Mathisen will continue as the company’s manager.” Lars Erik Mathisen has great confidence in the company’s opportunities going forward, but emphasises the importance of having greater influence as a company and a larger administration in order to be a professional supplier to the company’s large and demanding customers.

General Manager and Chairman of the Board of the Veitransport Group, Jonny Enger, says that he is extremely happy that Mathisen Renovasjon has become part of the Veitransport Group. This ensures growth for the company within what will be an important area of focus for Veitransport going forward.
Mathisen Renovasjon will remain as a separate limited company, but a name change is being considered in order to highlight the connection to the Veitransport Group. Veitransport wishes to gather all activities within refuse collection and waste management under this company.
The Veitransport Group, owned by MECE Invest AS, will then consist of three companies within land transport, crane transport and waste transport, respectively.

About Mathisen Renovasjon AS

Mathisen Renovasjon AS was established as a limited company in 2009 and has large clients such as Norsk Gjenvinning and Romerike Avfallshåndtering (ROAF) in its customer base. The company has 47 employees.

About MECE Invest AS

MECE Invest AS was established as the owner of transport company Veitransport AS, formerly ERFA Transport AS, in 1994. The company currently employs 115 persons in the companies Veitransport AS and Veikran AS. The company’s business areas include the transportation of construction materials, waste and recycling, containers, and general logistics services.

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VT Gruppen AS acquires Mathisen Renovasjon AS
VT Gruppen AS acquires Mathisen Renovasjon AS
Stratema advised Veireno AS
VT Gruppen AS acquires Mathisen Renovasjon AS
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