Renta becomes among Norway's largest Machine and Equipment Rental Services company

Renta has secured all the shares in Byggesystemer, which in addition to renting out machines and equipment, is one of the largest scaffolding contractors in the country.

The agreement between Renta and Byggesystemer was finalized and signed during the Easter holiday, with takeover effective in the end of April 2021.

Byggesystemer, was established in 1975 and has a solid position in the marked with 160 employees across nine Departments in northern Norway and one in Oslo. Renta has 60 employees in Departments in Bergen, Os, Stavanger, Stord, Romerike and in Narvik.

- “I am proud to share with the world that Byggesystemer is now becoming part of Renta. The companies complement each other very well, and we are now on our way to becoming a nationwide rental supplier. Together, we achieve variety in an environmentally oriented rental park, with industry-leading digital solutions for customers and employees, solid professional knowledge and a strong HSE culture. In the future we aim to be the natural first choice for customers both in northern Norway and the rest of the country,” says CEO of Renta, Leif Martin Drange.

Focused on local value creation

Since starting up in 1975, Byggesystemer has focused on local affiliation and close relationships with customers, with solid professional knowledge in all its Departments.
- “Local participation and skilled employees have been a great success for more than 45 years. It was crucial that Renta's values corresponded with the "Building Systems spirit". Renta is focused on local business and value creation, and understands that local employees make a big difference. In addition, it was critical that we complemented each other in terms of rental equipment, services and geography,” says Group Manager in Byggesystemer, Arne Bratsberg.

All employees will continue

All Departments will continue to employ the current workforce. Furthermore, the owners in Byggesystemer reinvested a large share of the sale price in Renta Group, thus ensuring continued local ownership.
- “We are very happy that they will continue to be on the owner’s side. This shows that they have great faith in Renta in the years to come. It is also very gratifying that all the employees will continue “ Drange continues.
The acquisition means that Renta will have 220 employees in Norway and a budget of just under NOK 500 million for 2021.
- “Working together with the employees, we will further develop and strengthen Renta's company culture, identity and accessibility to maximize our services to our customers,” concludes Leif Martin Drange.

Renta was advised by Stratema.

Renta acquires Byggesystemer
Renta acquires Byggesystemer
Stratema advised Renta
Renta acquires Byggesystemer
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