Debt Advisory

When embarking on a transaction it is often highly advantageous to be able to fund part of the consideration by bank borrowing. The acquisition may, for example, take the form of a Management Buy-Out (MBO), with the acquiring management team needing some borrowing in order to buy out the business.

Moreover, investors will often find it attractive to maximise leveraging in order to increase their return on equity.

Stratema can in such contexts prepare analyses of the market and the business that provide banks with the documentation they need before granting loans. We are in contact with several boutique banks, in addition to the major banks, and are well placed to organise a bidding round to obtain the best possible funding offer.

Stratema will negotiate agreements with lenders, including covenants, and facilitate due diligence processes if deemed desirable by banks, whilst also assisting with closing of the transaction.

Summary of activities:

 Introductory analyses of market and business.
 Appraisal of the market value of the business.
 Preparation of business presentation.
 Hold meetings to develop the transaction model and funding solutions.
 Soliciting funding offers.
 Negotiation of binding agreement(s).
 Organisation of due diligence process.
 Closing of the transaction, with settlement and transfer of ownership.


When the buyer of the shares in an organisation, or the management or others need or wishes to finance a significant portion of a purchase .....