Corporate Acquisitions

Are you looking to acquire a business?

If you are looking to acquire one or more businesses, you can entrust Stratema with the entire process of conducting preliminary analyses of markets and businesses, including the prioritisation of acquisition candidates. 

Stratema will prepare company presentations and perform valuations of the acquisition candidates. The potential acquisition candidates are approached directly by Stratema to generate interest and establish mutual confidentiality. 

Stratema will hold meetings for mutual information exchange with a focus on joint business opportunities. Stratema assists with the preparation of transaction solutions and indicative bids that can form the basis for the negotiation of binding agreements. 

Quality assurance of the agreements takes the form of a due diligence investigation organised by Stratema prior to closing of the transaction, with settlement and transfer of ownership.

Summary of activities:

  Preliminary analyses of markets and businesses.
 Prioritisation of acquisition candidates.
 Preparation of company presentations.. 
 Market valuations of acquisition candidates. 
 Contact with acquisition candidates and generation of interest.
  Establishment of mutual confidentiality. . 
  Hold meetings for the mutual exchange of business opportunities.
  Preparation of transaction solutions and indicative bids.
  Negotiation of binding agreements
  Organisation of due diligence investigation/buyer’s quality assurance.
  Closing of the transaction, with settlement and transfer of ownership.