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- Advisory services upon the divestment, merger and acquisition of businesses

Stratema provides strategic advisory services upon the acquisition, merger and divestment of  businesses.
We have extensive experience and the creativity required to turn prospective transactions into realities, thereby adding value for our clients. Our  team has in-depth expertise from several business sectors, and we tailor the process to the complexity of each transaction.

It is important for advisors to have market  knowledge and industry insight, giving them an understanding of the market drivers. Our in-  depth expertise and strong relations with stakeholders in each sector enable us to bring transactions to fruition.
Transaction processes tend to be  fairly committing and it is  important not to lose focus on the  business operations. It is therefore  important to have an experienced  partner that takes charge of the  process. We are attuned to what  you want, handle all the
practicalities and find the correct  solution.
Stratema stands ready to assist throughout the process, with  introductory analyses, strategic advice on business streamlining and  the preparation of presentations. We define a target group of potential  transaction partners, approach them and establish mutual  confidentiality. We bring parties together in meetings with a focus on  joint business opportunities, and assist with the negotiation process up  to a binding agreement.